How to use coupons in the Academy


To use the coupons on the Polish Genealogy Academy visit the site: and choose the Academy from the main menu or direct link: .

Choose one of the paid courses (videos) you would like to have access to. You can click on the picture, title or the “View more” button.

Click on the “Add to cart” button.

At this point you can browse for more courses or go straight to your cart by clicking “View cart” button.
Your cart page will look like this:

This is also the moment when you use your coupon. Enter it to the coupon area (marked in green). Please remember to hit the “Apply coupon” button, otherwise the discount will not be applied.

You should receive a message at the top of the cart page and the amount to pay will be changed.

Now click “Proceed to checkout”.

There are three options:
1. If you already have an account and you are logged in, then after a few seconds you will receive a confirmation with the link to the full access of the video you have chosen.

2. If you don’t have an account yet, then fill in your billing details: first name and your email,

Accept our Terms and Conditions . Than click “Place order” button.

If your discount decreased the cost to zero zlotys, than you will see the summary of your order. Clicking on the link will send you straight to the page with the full access to the video.

Otherwise you will be sent to the payment page and after confirming successful payment you will receive the summary of your order.
Please note that you will also receive an email with the details of your newly created account.

So where can you find your videos?

You can either visit our Academy page again (you have to be logged in). Than click on the “View more” button of your chosen and purchased video. Instead “Add to cart” button you will have the details of your purchase with the link to the video:

Another thing you can do is to find a sidebar on Academy page, where on the right you have Academy most important links.

Clicking on the “Account/Login” will let you login or register. If you are already logged in, than you will see the details of your account: all the purchased videos with the direct links to them, the history of your account, settings where you can check your account details, upload your picture.

We hope that this information was helpful. However if you still have any doubts, please contact us on [email protected].