Description of columns for indexing birth and death records

A – Place. This is place (village, town) of the event as originally in the record (not the parish seat).

B – Parish. Name of the parish seat.

C – Record number.

D – Date of event. (birth, death). Important: Format of date is year-month-day. (In the Drive documents births link or deaths link) you can enter the date in order you are accustomed, e.g. July 3, 1902. It will be automatically converted into correct format year-month-day: 1902-07-03, but not in Excel nor OpenOffice). In case of two records’ dates enter the second one (the later one). If the month or day is unknown enter 00, e.g. 1885-00-00 .

E – Given name (or names). Given name of the person born or deceased. If there is more than one name add the other one in the same cell using space (without a comma).

F – Surname (in case of births this is usually father’s name, unless the child is born out of wedlock – illegitimate).

G – vel. Alternative surnames, if there are any. E.g. maiden names or names used before (from previous marriages). If there are more than one surnames use space between them.

H – Sex. f – female, m – male.

I – Father’s given name (or names with spaces)

J – Mother’s given name (or names with spaces)

K – Mother’s surname

L – link do the scan (each scan uploaded to the PO Forum has its unique address (url), just click on the uploaded picture and it will open in a new tab, then copy and paste the address from your browser).

M – link do the post with translation. Each post in the PO Forum has its unique address. Format of the address is:, where x is a unique number of each post in our Forum.

If you want to know the number of given post hover your mouse pointer over “qoute” icon (right upper corner of each post) and in the left lower corner of your browser you will see link with the number at the end. For example, where 1049 is the unique number of the first post in the Russian translations thread. So the direct link to this post will be .

N – Indexing person’s (PO member’s or real) name

O – Notes. You can add information you think are important like side notes from the record, second link the the scan if it is split into two documents, or e.g. bride or/and groom ages (which is not mandatory).


You can always add comments to each cell in the main database: . Just right click on the cell you want to comment and click ‘Add comment’.


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