Guciów Farm

Museum and Tavern with the tastes of the Roztocze region

Guciów Farm – Museum and Tavern. Picture source:

Guciów Farm is located in eastern Poland, in the heart of the Roztocze region, just near the town Zamosc. The farm consists of an Ethnographic museum, arranged in a 19th century cottage and barn.  There  is also has an old tavern that houses a unique style restaurant.

Guciów. The interior of the restaurant. Picture source:

Have you ever tried the turnips, dandelion leaves or nettles soup?  You can experience these in Guciów. The restaurant also bakes a flat bread (podplomyki) in the old traditional way!  For the more demanding gourmets, there is a pork neck with herbs or a deer ham. Entering Guciów is like stepping through a magical time gate.  A silence surrounds the area, and the only distractions are the aromas exiting the kitchen and  mixing with the beautiful scents of the flowers growing in the garden.

Guciów. The flat breads baking. Picture source:

If you are exploring this area of Poland,  Guciow Farm is an attraction that should not be missed!

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