Kingdom of Poland Tour – 2016 upgrade.


2015 was the first season of our Kingdom of Poland Tour. Months of preparations resulted in one ‘debut’ trip.

Winter is always a time for improvement, because after each touring season, we analyse our guests’ feedback, and focus on every single detail of the finished tours, to strive for excellence! We want you to be immersed deeper into the atmosphere of the country, and have the chance to better understand the stories behind the places that you are visiting.  During the organization process of each of our tours, we also put a lot of effort into building a good, long lasting relationship with the hotels, restaurants, local guides and all of the people that  are cooperating with us. We believe that it has a strong influence on the ambiance of our Tours.

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Tykocin, an important residence of Polish and Lithuanian kings since medieval times.

This year We made several improvements in the itinerary, to make it even more attractive for you. See below what we have changed.

Considering your comfort in 2016, we exchanged some hotels for others that have the same or even higher standards. Important for us were: better location, facilities and attractions, such as the swimming complex in the middle of the Białowieża Forest, in 4* Żubrówka hotel. Have a look:

This year you will also have the opportunity to feel  the ambiance of the Cossacks’ settlements (stanitsas), which were first built along the rivers, three hundred years ago. These settlements served as a place of accommodation for the people whose jobs were floating felled trees down river, to Gdańsk, to be sold for the wood.  On the 8th day of the tour, you will be accommodated in a wooden manor house called “Riverside Apartments”, located by the Oxbow Lake of the Narew River. To experience this atmosphere even more,  we will take an afternoon cruise on the river. We have also prepared an evening surprise  🙂

See some photos of the ‘Riverside Apartments’:

Picture source:

Be assured that we have not forgotten about the local culinary attractions.  Last year’s discovery was the Tavern Rome, also called ‘the culinary capital of Podlasie region’.  Imagine the old, traditional recipes, prepared from fresh and local ingredients. No need for a better advertisement!

See the photo gallery from the restaurant:

In Warsaw, we invite you to an open-air piano concert, with music by Frederic Chopin, located in the Royal Łazienki Park. These annually organized summer concerts are wildly popular, not only among tourists, but also by the locals. Enjoy wonderful music with the beautiful park scenery, in a casual picnic atmosphere. Perfect relaxation after 10 active days of  travel!

See the short video from the last year’s concert:


Beyond these novelties, there are waiting for you as always: our best guides, private atmosphere of small group, individual approach and the attractions from the first itinerary.

You can see the detailed itinerary of The Kingdom Of Poland Tour, as well as booking information on our website:  

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