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A few months have passed since we announced our idea of Genealogy Consultations. After testing the waters, carrying out a number of consultations and continuing to work on the idea, we have polished (pun not intended) our service and feel ready to make it a regular part of our offer.

Polish genealogy can be challenging. Documents written in various different languages, ancestors moving around from one village to another, names which look like a random mix of consonants without any vowels in between, documents destroyed by wars and fires or discrepancies in dates and names. All of this can be too confusing and time-consuming. Hitting roadblocks is irritating and often you might not have enough patience or knowledge to overcome them.

Of course, you can seek help through online groups and forums but the progress is slow and answers only bring new questions for which you do not have immediate answers.

This is why we are offering live consultations, where you can meet online with our experts and consult your case together. You will have a conversation with someone who has years of experience and already solved dozens, if not hundreds, of cases, who does this type of work for a living and can bring a fresh perspective to your case.

You do not need to have any software installed, just a working camera, microphone and speakers will do. Since there are no limits on the number of people who can attend the consultations, this might also be a good opportunity for a genealogy-oriented family meeting. You can invite that cousin who you never met but only recently discovered through online matches. Or your siblings who claim to be interested in your family history, despite you doing all the hard work.

Throughout more than 15 years of our work, we were meticulously gathering a team of experts: historians, genealogists, translators, citizenship experts from all regions of Poland. This significantly helps us in choosing the right person for the right job.

How it works:

1. You fill out the inquiry form, where you describe the subject (or subjects) you would like to talk about:

2. We analyze the information you sent and get back to you within 7 working days (most often it will be much sooner) with an answer if we are able to help you.

3. If we can help you, then based on your preferences, we propose the date and time and provide you a link to book the meeting.

4. After you made the payment, we will send you a link to where the online meeting will take place. You don’t need to have any special device or software installed. Regular computer (smartphone, tablet) with a browser will do.

5. The consultation lasts up to one hour. During the meeting, you can discuss all issues with an expert dedicated to your project. You see the process of analyzing your case through the eyes of an experienced genealogist. We go through specific tools applicable to your case, verify where the records are stored, discuss formal and legal procedures (if applicable) and see what are the options to move forward. You have a “backstage” access to see how we work. You see everything on your screen and you can ask as many questions as you can fit in the 60 minutes of consultation.

6. After the consultation, you receive a summary report where the next steps you could take in your research are described.

The cost of one-hour consultation is 590 Polish złotys (about $150 now). This includes the preparation work we conduct after receiving your request, the meeting itself, and the report you receive from us after the consultation.

If you are ready to give it a try here is the PO Live Genealogy Consultations inquiry form:

More information at

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