Julie and John

Every guide we had was really top notch — I refer to both our genealogical guides, Daniel and Zbigniew, who did superb work for us, as well as our city guides. Literally every single one we had, in Warsaw, Gdańsk, Białystok (Daniel), Lublin, Zamosċ and Krakow, brought alive the history, art, architecture and culture of the place for us. We are very experienced travelers and this is the first time we’ve traveled when literally every guide we had was excellent (usually, we get 1 or 2 that aren’t very good.)

Genealogy part: Extremely well satisfied. In both of my ancestral places, we found and met living relatives and added information and records to our family tree, not to mention walking in and seeing where my ancestors were born and lived.

Preparation and communication before the tour: Yes, we were well informed in advance. I found the section on your website with book recommendations to be super useful, and I’d encourage you to suggest it to all your customers (whether or not they do the reading in advance is up to them.) We felt that the way you and we developed the itinerary together was also excellent.

General remarks: (…) We thank Kasia for her unfailingly excellent help with our other “asks”, eg finding an opera performance (we saw a performance in Wawel Castle; it was magical) and arranging logistics for a dinner in Warsaw with my cousins). Poland has such strength in the performing arts — classical music, opera, etc — you might want to ask your clients when planning their trip if they’d like to attend any performances while in Poland. To anyone considering a trip to Poland, with or without a genealogical interest, we would very strongly recommend Polish Origins.