I first got in contact with PolishOrigins in 2020 to seek some information on where one of my grandparents village was located. Long story short I develop a relationship with PolishOrigins and because of Covid all travel stopped so I had them research the church records from the four villages my grandparents were born. At that time all I knew from the Ellis Island records from the early 1900s my grandparents names, ages they were when they came to America and the villages they were from. PolishOrigins was able to find who my ancestors were from far back to the late 1700s. The information they found was just amazing. Birth dates, how many children were born, marriage dates, etc. This year my wife and I visited the villages using PolishOrigins as our tour guide. The tour was unreal we got to see the villages and surrounding villages, learn the local history and enjoy the Polish culture. I would strongly recommend using this genealogy tour company.