Live Genealogy Consultations


Aren’t you sometimes fed up with writing on the genealogy forums, mailing lists, groups, and reading the replies, and writing again, and reading again, in hope of getting useful advice? 

It often works, but sometimes you would like to make sure that you fully understood the advice given and would like to know what concrete steps you should take next.

You would like to ask additional questions but you thought that could make you look “uneducated”…

You would like to add pieces of information that might seem not relevant enough to write about or just didn’t want to share them in public.

Or maybe you just wish to talk the things over in real-time with a “genealogical soul mate”? With someone who not only is an expert in the field of Polish genealogy but who will also carefully and with kindness listen to what you have to say and will try to help you.

This kind of direct interaction between genealogists and guests has often brought almost miraculous effects during our Genealogy Tours.

Not everyone can travel to Europe. However, a direct conversation (with or without video) is possible for all who have a computer with an internet connection. That’s why we propose you:

PolishOrigins Genealogy Live Consultations
with our genealogy, history, and citizenship experts.

As PolishOrigins we have built a team of passionate, knowledgeable, personable people, and acquired together 15 years of experience in carrying out research in every corner of Poland, both in its modern and the former borders. No matter if this would be a project concerning German ancestors from Pomerania, Jewish family members from shtetls of Southern Poland, Poles from Western Ukraine, history of a tiny village in Lithuania, Polish citizenship, or permanent residence – we may know what to do. 


How it works:

  1. You fill out the inquiry form, where you describe the subject (or subjects) you would like to talk about: 
  2. We analyze the information you sent and get back to you within 7 working days (most often it will be much quicker) with an answer if we are able to help you. 
  3. If we can help you then, based on your preferences, we appoint a date and time and provide you a link for you to book the meeting. 
  4. After you made the payment we send you a link to where the online meeting will take place. You don’t need to have any special device or software installed. Regular computer (smartphone, tablet) with a browser will do.
  5. The consultation lasts up to one hour.  During the meeting, you can discuss all issues with an expert dedicated to your project. You see the process of analyzing your case through the eyes of an experienced genealogist. We go through specific tools applicable to your case, verify where the records are stored, discuss formal and legal procedures (if applicable) and see what are the options to move forward. You have “backstage” access to see how we work. You see everything on your screen and you can ask as many questions as you can fit in the 60 minutes consultation.
  6. After the consultation, you receive a summary report where the next steps you could take in your research are described. 

The cost of the consultation is $190 USD). This includes the preparation work we conduct after receiving your request, the meeting itself, and the summary you receive from us after the consultation. 

If you are ready to give it a try here is the PO Genealogy Live Consultation inquiry: