Dubiecko Castle

?There is an amazing place on the River San,  chosen by ancestors, which is very distinguished and called Dubiecko. Located here is the home of the Krasicki Family, a mighty family, and the birth place of a great poet??

On the first three nights of the PO Galicia Tour, you will stay at the old Dubiecko Castle. The Castle is a silent witnesses to 500 years of history in the region, and is most known for the birthplace of two, you would think, opposite characters: ‘the devil? Stanisław Stadnicki and ‘the bishop and poet? Ignacy Krasicki).

This luxurious and historical location, is the new place for the start the PO Galicia Tour in 2015. It is set in the beautiful area of manorial park, by the San River, not far from the Rzeszów airport and only about 2.5 hours from the Krakow Airport.

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You will be welcome in a charming space with 18th century style decorated chambers.  Each chamber has its unique atmosphere.

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Castle culinary tradition is like a poem. You will have the opportunity to taste many times ? awarded Old – Polish cuisine . As the Castle’s Guests, you will be welcome with evening dinner or other events prepared for the beginning of the Tour, especially for you by PolishOrigins Team.


Hotel Castle video presentation: