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Joe (Genealogy Tour)

July 2017

Our tour guide Pawel was excellent. He was very professional and personable. He was an excellent liaison between the tour guests and our new found family. He explained all matters very well and made sure that we understood the various customs and traditions that may have influenced our family. While on our tour Pawel even was able to find more of our existing family while we visited the site of my father’s birthplace. We all treasured having Pawel as our guide.

We were very satisfied with the research. When we first started with PolishOrigins our hopes were to just find some few pieces of information. The genealogy report was very detailed and complete.

All communication with Anna and Magdalena were prompt, thorough and professional. They met our expectations in all ways.

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Linda (Genealogy Tour and Mini Galicia Tour)

June 2017

Lucjan was very knowledgeable and determined to provide us with all the information that he could find. He was an excellent guide and interpreter and went above and beyond to show us the region of our ancestors. He brought us together with so many nice people.

We had a variety of places to stay (which I found to be very interesting) Food was excellent.

All information I received prior to the trip was accurate and very well planned.

I will recommend PolishOrigins to my family and friends who may want to visit Poland.

Overall a great experience

Barbara (Genealogy Tour and Mini Galicia Tour)

May 2017

Pawel and Lucjan were both extraordinary!!!! Pawel – with his knowledge of Poland (I was hanging on his every word in expectation of what I was going learn next) and oh – the beautiful places he brought us and Lucjan with his relentless quest to find anything he could of our family history, stopping at nothing and speaking with anyone to help – amazing and brilliant!! And Pawel and Lucjan were just so nice to be with!

We have more information than we did before, and although it would have been great to find some relatives, it was not meant to be. I know that Lucjan absolutely did everything he could, so it is what it is and I am pleased. And it was a very interesting few days!!

Everything was perfect!


Mary Bier Wilson and John Wilson (Genealogy Tour)

February 2019

A year ago, I had Zenon from PolishOrigins.com do some research for me as well a Virtual Tour at the recommendation of a friend from my local Genealogy Society and as most pleased.  Following that, an opportunity arose for me to visit Poland this year (2008) with little time for preparation on my part so, of course, I contacted Zenon with the hope that he would be able to escort us and he was.

 Zenon met us in Krakow in early July, 2008 and took us to the Tarnow/Radgoszcz area where my father’s maternal family was from (surname SPERBER).  Because these ancestors were all Jewish, I knew their shtetls were all but obliterated during the war so I did not anticipate meeting any relatives but I mainly wanted to visit the ancestral towns.  We also visited Kolbuszowa, Sokolow MLP, Trzebos and Rzeszow (surname BIER) with Zenon making arrangements for overnight stays at tourist farmhouses in convenient places at our request prior to our visit.

Zenon was extremely reliable, flexible and did a great job of choosing places that were very nice and comfortable and at affordable prices.  His driving was wonderful and safe and he was knowledgeable about the places we visited and called ahead to make sure everything was in order while we were on the road.  We spent one day in the Rzeszow Archives with the books that needed searching prearranged and ready for us when we arrived.  No request was ignored.

    He also did things for us that were above and beyond the call of duty, in fact, despite the fact that he lives a 40 minute train ride outside of Warsaw and our train to Germany was to leave from the somewhat confusing train station there at 7:25AM on a Saturday morning, he graciously insisted on coming back to Warsaw to assist us in carrying our luggage to the station (our very nice hotel, The Polonia Palace, was about 2 blocks away?a long two blocks with heavy bags!) and making sure our tickets were in order and that we were on the correct platform and space for our train.  What a feeling of comfort and security that was since we speak NO Polish!

All in all, I can’t say enough about the wonderful time we had, how exceptional Zenon was in every way not only during the time we were with him, but in the pre-planning and post-trip follow up and I couldn’t recommend him more highly and I now consider him a very dear friend!

If anyone would like to contact me personally about Zenon and/or our trip, I will be glad to receive your email at mbwilson(at)jhu.edu.

Mary Wilson
Fellsmere, Florida

Tom (Genealogy Tour)

February 2017

Zbigniew was terrific. Nice personality and good driver. His passion for genealogy was obvious (“it’s not his business it’s his passion.”)

Local guides (Lviv, Warsaw) were excellent too. Very knowledgeable and interested in their cities.

The research exceeded my expectations. In addition to my grandfather Z was able to get info on my grandmother and about 80 relatives. He kept working even after we left and has excellent suggestions for follow-up.

PolishTours was very professional and exceeded expectations in many respects. You get personal service unlike any other tour I’ve taken. Their passion for family history makes it come alive. You get a sense of how your ancestors lived. And it was fun.

William (Genealogy Tour)

I am considered an adventurous and active senior citizen, as I am over 70 years old, have physical limitations and a disability that requires the use of a cane to walk safely outside of my home.

I traveled alone on a trip that included stops in Paris, Nice, Monaco, Poland, and Lithuania. When I travel, I am always anxious to experience as many local adventures as possible and meet new people in each country, and rely on tours and private transportation to give as much flexibility as possible.


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