German records – vocabulary

We present here the German ­ English dictionary prepared by our former guest and forum member Louis Welna.

This is a vocabulary of words from German records available on LDS microfilms. The list has been collected during many years of Louie’s genealogy research, and now he decided to share this with others. We hope that this will help you! And here you can read Louie’s blog written during his Genealogy Tour in Poland in 2011: ?Sitting Down in My GGGrandfather’s House?.

Click here to see and download pdf file.

Press CTRL+F to search for specific words (or even just a beginning of the word).

In column 1 there are words written in font similar to handwritten Sutterlin script.

In column 4 there are additional remarks.

Index of abbreviations:

O/T  – Occupations/Titles

I/D  – Illness/Diseases

M – Military

S – Status