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 Experience the world your ancestors had to leave.

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Unlike traditional tours, we are not going to visit too many places in a short amount of time. To keep private character and atmosphere group size will not exceed 15 persons. You may be sure you will not be an anonymous participant of a large group but will be taken care personally. We will also not spend too much time on the road. Instead, we will give you time to immerse yourself deeper in the atmosphere of the country and give you the chance to better understand the stories behind the places we will be visiting. We will invite knowleadgable people who will share with you the history and traditions of the area. Also, because you will be spending time with people who have similar genealogy interests, you will have the opportunity of sharing your family research adventures with others on the Tour.

Throughout the whole Tour you will be accompanied by, at least one, of our licensed tour guides who will do everything to create a comfortable atmosphere and reply to all the questions you may have about organization of the trip as well as Polish history. In all the places with attractions we will have hired specialized guides.

Bonus: During the Tour you will have the opportunity of consulting with our experienced genealogists either personally or via phone/skype, ask their advice about direction your genealogy research should take to overcome “brick walls” you might run into.

We will stay in high standard hotels in twin bed rooms in the countryside with picteresque views and many attractions and activities like horse carriage rides, campfires or spa treatments.


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