Quick Community Guidelines

Welcome! This is an abbreviated version of our terms of service, and should help new members quickly understand the rules of the community. Any questions can be directed to info (at) polishorigins.com

In short, this is a community of positive support, where members can share their experiences and knowledge related to the broadly understood subject of Polish genealogy. Below is a summary of our community standards.

  1. Share and Get Information about Polish genealogy: This is a positive, supportive place, where you can ask questions and share your knowledge.
  2. Maintain Privacy: Don’t reveal information that could directly identify you or others in your posts or Private Messages (names, addresses, phone numbers, emails, locations, etc.). Search engines are capable of crawling this, and any other site’s, public content (e.g., stories, but not Private Messages), so take common sense precautions about what you publicly post anywhere on the internet, including PolishOrigins.com. We encourage you to communicate with other Members through PolishOrigins Forum or Private Messages. You don’t have to reveal your e-maill address while communicating these ways. More about privacy on PolishOrigins.com: Privacy Policy.
  3. No Solicitations: Political campaigning, religious preaching, and commercial advertisements in any site content, including private messages, is not allowed. If you would like to advertise on PolishOrigins.com, please contact us.
  4. No Spam: Chain letters, mass mailings, and duplicate postings are not allowed on PolishOrigins.com. Please post each article once, in the most appropriate Forum category.
  5. Be Yourself: Do not use a false e-mail address, impersonate any person or entity, or otherwise mislead as to the orgin of an entry.
  6. Respect Copyright: Do not post anything that infringes on intellectual properties rights, or violates copyright.
  7. No Hate: Content against another member or group of people (ethnicities, cultures, race, religion, sexual orientation, etc.) is NOT allowed.
  8. Self-Policing: The community is self-policing, and you can notify any piece of content, or any member for review. INPASSA staff may not able to actively examine content unless it is brought to our attention.

Members Violating Any of the Above Can and Will be Removed from the Site without notice.

See also Records Translations Guidelines

Please carefully review the full text of Terms of Service before using this Site. In case there are conflicts between this document and that one, the full Terms prevail. Any questions can be sent to us at info AT polishorigins.com.