How to index records in the PO Translations Indexation project


1.  Find posts with scans of records and its translation you are going to index.


2. Download on your hard drive the Excel or OpenOffice Spreadsheet Calc template:

Excel MS Excel template

OpenOffice Calc OpenOffice Spreadsheet

or go directly to the Google Drive form here births link or marriages link or deaths link where you can quickly fill the index of translated records without downloading any files.


3. Start filling in columns according to the instruction

link to indexing instruction for  births and deaths

link to indexing instruction for marriages


4. When you have finished the entry you can pick a new record and start over.

5. When you have finished all entries (at least for now) send the copy of your document (Excel, OpenOffice Calc) to the project coordinator or let her know that you entered your records in the online form (births link or marriages link or deaths link)  on her email index @ Your work will soon be available for the whole world here: .


If you work on Drive spreadsheets on-line here: (births link or marriages link or deaths link) please do not delete entries of others. These entries will be moved to the final Index of translations document here: by the coordinator of the PO Indexation project.

Coordinator of the Indexation project is available at the email: index @ .

You can start by indexing “your” records which you uploaded with request for translations. If you want to continue with other records please contact coordinator and ask her which records could you continue to index.

Search database of already indexed records:

Read more about the PO Indexation of Translations project in our Forum: