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Zenon “Zen”CEO and Founder of PolishOrigins, sometimes still one of our genealogy guides.

Zenon started his adventure with genealogy in 2004, and that is when his idea of ‘PolishOrigins’ was born. Since that time,  Zenon is constantly working, thinking, reading and looking for ideas for its continuing development, well maybe apart from the genealogy tours or when he is completely absorbed in a particular family history.


Aleksander, Tour Manager, Research Manager, Genealogist

Just after 3 months since Aleksander (aka Olek) joined our team we
felt as if he had been with us for at least 3 years! He describes himself modestly as “just a random dude” but no one is random here :). Olek is a history nerd, so he is over the moon exploring all meanders of our past. He is a native from Łódź, where for years he has been digging through the local archives.

Now he is using his passion for history and a research experience to create the Genealogy Tours for you.


Katarzyna, Tour Manager, Research Manager

Kasia, like many members of our team, was born in former Galicia, in Tarnów. Kasia is also a guide in Beskidy mountains, so she knows every corner and patch of southern Poland, especially in her beloved Beskid Niski. She studied geology in Kraków and now she is working with our genealogists to prepare your tours.

Coincidence? I do not think so. All in all, it is about digging… in the past


Magdalena, Tour Manager, CFO

Magdalena is our good spirit of orderliness. Her watchful eyes care about every detail of the itineraries for our guests. She also cares about our whole team, so that we could work together flawlessly. Her bobbin laces and tattings are works of art!




Ola, IT Project Manager, Research Manager, Genealogist

We don’t know if Ola wanted to become a tractor driver when she was a child, but her technical skills are very useful while she is our project manager. Her fascination with genealogy started very early while listening to her grandfather’s childhood stories. Since then she became a family archivist, collecting old family photos. She tracked down her family in the USA and created a family tree until the 18th century, but she still claims there is a lot to do in this matter. Loves to travel and meet people, however currently as a mum of three she prefers short distance travel, so she has been discovering mainly Warsaw, where she lives.


Natalia , Tour Manager

Natalia was born in the southern part of Poland but now resides in Kraków. Her passion is the English language and therefore several years ago she decided to become an English teacher. She’s also into travelling and a healthy lifestyle. In her family she takes responsibility for organizing and coming up with the ideas concerning the trips. Natalia believes that travel broadens the mind and creates memories that last forever. In PolishOrigins she would like to ensure that your stay in Poland is an unforgettable experience and once you visit you will have a lot to reminisce about.


Dawid, Tour Manager Assistant, Marketing      

Dawid is the youngest member of our team. He lives in central Poland, to which he has been strongly connected since birth. During the day, he uses his creativity and fresh perspective in travel planning and organizing, and at night, he devotes himself to his passion for music, which has accompanied him since childhood. His friends say that he is indispensable when it comes to organizing social events and taking care of the comfort of the people around him, which is what he cares about most (often unconsciously :)).


Our genealogists and guides:


Zbigniew, Chief Genealogist and Guide

Be careful, Zbigniew’s eyes light up when the old, old books are opened! He readily admits, the first family tree in his life was drawn shortly after he learned to write. Zbyszek has a degree in psychology, and we believe that this helps him to work well with people, especially to break the barriers in parish and state archives. Our guests practice Polish pronunciation with his name or sometimes they give up and call him Mr. Z.


Lucjan, Galicia Genealogy Guide

Lucek is living in Przemyśl, and is an expert in the research of the Galicia area. As a dad and a former English teacher, he has developed a huge amount of patience which are very useful in laborious and meticulous genealogy research. His kindness and friendliness will make you feel right at home. Lucek’s favorite tours are those to Slovakia.



Mateusz, Genealogist and Tourist Guide for Prussian Poland

Mateusz is our genealogy guide and licensed tourist guide from Poznań, Greater Poland. He has university degree in Tourism and gives lectures on tourism and teaches how to guide. However, when leading groups he’s anything but formal ? . Mateusz can dress up as XVII-th C. polish noble and entertain tourists with plenty of great stories. Will help to understand the history of Poland, Prussia and circumstances  in which earlier generations were migrating from the Old Country.



Daniel, Genealogist and Tourist Guide for former Russian partition and Lithuania

Daniel is a genealogist and licensed tourist guide from Białystok. He is a member of Polish Tourist Guides Society (PTTK), co-founder and member of Jamiński Zespół Indeksacyjny – a group of people indexing metrical books from parishes laying in north-eastern part of Poland.



Kinga, Genealogist and Tourist Guide in Galicia

Kinga is the licensed guide for Tarnów and its area. She loves introducing people to southern Poland with its rich history, living traditions, and breathtaking monuments. Kinga works also in Tarnów’s regional museum and has several years’ practical experience in genealogy research. Her positive attitude, energy, and broad smile help to open many doors and to break the ice.



Ula, Tourist guide from Warsaw

Ula works as a guide in Warsaw, where she makes sure her visitors get the best experience of the city. Once she drove one of her guests to visit their ancestors’ home town she got obsessed with genealogy tours. She loves driving to small towns to explore local sites and talk to people. Ula graduated with English and sociology degrees, enjoys learning new languages and practising tai chi.



Michał, Genealogist and Tourist Guide for Prussian Poland

This is Michał. He comes from Poznań and is, therefore, a specialist for the history of the Greater Poland region which was for 125 years under Prussian rule. Michal graduated in cultural studies from a German university. He is also a passionate tourist guide explaining  the complicated history of Poland to our visitors. Michal is also a professional interpreter and translator of German and English language being able to read and translate the old German handwriting, many genealogical documents are written in.



Piotr, Galician Genealogist and Tourist Guide

Since childhood, Piotr has got the idea of what he’d like to do in life. That’s why he graduated in history and archival science, became a mountain guide, an employee of a museum, and all this to finally go to PolishOrigins and became a dreamed genealogist. Piotr works also in the Historical Museum in Sanok and has great knowledge of history, especially of the region as well as genealogical experience. Often, he can be found in the Carpathians, along with his son and their dog roaming the mountain trails.



Tomasz, Genealogist and Tourist Guide for Prussian Poland

Big F1 fan, a former rower and licensed tour guide with 10-years experience. Good storytelling, big smile – those are his trademarks. Tomasz loves books, still does some sports but his main hobby is to travel & discover interesting places both in Poland and worldwide. He is always striving to give you the best understanding of old and current times and on top of that answer all your questions.



Katarzyna, Multilingual Tourist Guide

Kasia is a volcano of energy, her broad smile, sense of humor and her passion for Polish culture makes her the perfect travel companion. She guides groups and individual tourists in English, Spanish and Portuguese.



Ola, Tourist Guide

This is Ola. She lives in Sanok, a small town in southeastern Poland. One of her dreams was to work as an English speaking guide. Her dream came true. As she’s always been a grammar nerd fascinated with an English language (American is her favorite), she graduated a master degree in English in Cracow and works also as an English teacher, a translator and an interpreter. Ola loves hiking everywhere she can, travelling around the world and she’d love to share her energy and positive vibes with you.


This is our core team. For specific projects’ purposes, we are collaborating on regular basis with more than a dozen carefully selected, most knowledgeable and personable genealogists and tourist guides spread throughout Poland, Lithuania, and Ukraine. We are constantly looking for passionate people who feel and understand our mission and are willing to join the journey. Passion, integrity, self-discipline, drive to learn and being a team player are the core competencies we are looking for. We all work remotely from our own places in which we are at a given time. It can be Poland, Europe or any other place. If you think and feel that this would be a good place for you and you could contribute to realizing our mission, contact us at [email protected].

We are constantly looking for:

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