Support’s maintenance and further development

Why support website?


  • Since its inception, the whole website with all its tools has been free for everyone to use.
  • We do have to bear increasing costs of maintaining the technical infrastructure for our growing website. We dedicate our time and skills to provide you with the best experience possible. BUT, we want the website to remain ad-free so that you can stay focused on your real interests, not what others want you to buy.
  • This is a new, 3rd version of our website. We have worked on it for a few years before launching it. And we will continue to make it more and more useful for all interested in uncovering their roots in old Poland by adding new features, databases and tools next two existing already, like forum and surnames and places databases.
  • This is your place for you to find and share knowledge, experience and just to express your thoughts and feelings about your Polish origins. You receive real help from other experienced members and often overcome “brick walls” you had been standing before for years. You are listened to here.


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If you wish the payment to be transferred to a specific person (e.g. translator) please send an email to: [email protected] with the subject line “ForĀ name/nickname of the person” (e.g. “For Elzbieta”) after making the contribution.


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