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All surnames Naglik, Krysa, Naglik, Krysa
All places Kety, Nowa Wies, Kety, Kanczuga, Nowa Wies, Kety, Nowa Wies, Kety, Kanczuga, Nowa Wies
Research notes
Jan Iganacy (John Ignatius) Naglik was likely born in Nowa Wies, Kety, Poland on October 20, 1901.  We are not certain of Jan's parents but they may have been Ignacy or Jan Naglik born around March 26, 1878 in Kańczuga, Nowa Wieś, Kęty, Małopolskie and Anna Krys (or Krysa or Kryst).  Jan Iganacy Naglik, the son, immigrated in 1930 to Ontario, Canada including in the cities of Oshawa, Sudbury and later Toronto.   Jan Iganacy Naglik married Emelia Sokalski  in Toronto in 1939.   Ms. Sokalski was born in Kopychynsti, Ukraine (then Kopyczyńce, Galicia, Austria)  to Jan Sokalski and Franciszka Krolicka.   There may be several spelling variations to these names, and would like to trace these Naglik, Krysa or Sokalski families.  Please let us know if you have information.