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All surnames Kowalczyk, Hojnika
All places Lepnyk, Tartak
Research notes I am a descendant of Walenty Josef Kowalczyk (1885-1975) raised in Lepnyk  - and of Katarzyna Hojnica (1890-1972) raised in Tartak.

I am attempting to find them in written records or in other Family Trees.


Walenty Josef Kowalczyk's parents were Walenty Kowalczyk and his wife Rozalia.

Katarzyna Hojnica's parents were Joseph Hojnica and his wife Maryanna.


Walenty Josef Kowalczyk immigrated to the USA in approximately 1905, settling in Utica, New York.

I do not know when Katarzyna Hojnica immigrated to the USA, but she also settled in Utica, New York.


Walenty and Katarzyna were married 16 October 1911 in Utica, New York, USA.

They had at least two children - Florence (1915-2008) and Stanley (1914?-1982).