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All surnames Rajewski, Wilczynski, Wisniewski, Jaroszewski, Harzewski, Malak, Jablonski, Cyranowicz, Warda, Kazmierczak, Kruszka, Kujawski
All places Drobin, Slawecin, Poznan
Research notes I have been doing family research for over two years now and I am having a terrible time breaking through on my paternal great-grandfather's (Stephen Rajewski) family line in Poland.  Family legend says his mother sold him to a farmer at the age of 7.  His death certificate here in the United States lists his mother as Antoinette Wilczynski, his father as Unknown.  I have determined he was probably born in Drobin.  I am not certain if the family story is true, but I am desperately seeking a way to find a birth record for him.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.  Patti McClintic (nee Rajewski/Rogers), Lancaster, New York, USA