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All surnames Raschke, Stanek, Fafrowicz, Wojcik
All places Maruszyna, Zaskale, Poznan, Krakow
Research notes In the process of learning about both sides of my family. I have had my DNA done and confirmed that I am almost 100% Polish and more specifically from the southern area of Poland. My father's side was from the area around Poznań. My mother's side was from east of Kraków. I was born and raised in Chicago and my family mostly resides there to this day or at least in the Chicago area. I am looking into the Stanek name (from Maruszyna) and the Fąfrowicz name (from Zaskale). The next name I am curious to find more about is my name Raschke. It is not a Polish spelled name and I generally hear "that's not a Polish name, you're not Polish". The explanation given was that when my family emigrated to the US the area was in Prussian (German) control and it was spelled the way a German language speaker would spell it. it is speculated that the Name is actually Raszki or Raszków or some other derivative.