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All surnames Sitarzewski, Sitarz, Prawdzik, Bendzelewski, Bondzelewski, Szulc, Ejzel, Szuchowski, Kasperska, Szatkowska
All places Tajno Stare, Zofiewo, Majki Male, Ostrowy, Pultusk, Plock, Raczki, Lipowka
Research notes I've been reseaarching my maternal great-grandparents for over 20 years. They emigrated to Scranton, Pennsylvania in the US in the 1910's and met there. When I started I had only their names on my grandmother's birth certificate.  After researching U.S. records and tracking down long-lost cousins I'm now researching their roots in Poland. My great-grandfather's family is from Podlaskie and my great-grandmother from Mazowieckie.