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All surnames Bogdanowicz, Bogdan, Bohdanowicz
All places Wigry, Zubrowka Stara
Research notes Currently researching Bogdanowicz ancestry.  Possible variations of surname Bogdan and Bohdanowicz 

Searching for marriage records of Tomasz and Zofia.  Birth records in Wigry parish 1809-10 Tomasz Bogdanowicz or Bogdan. 

Great Grandfather Kornel Born December 9th 1876 Zawady.  Parents Stanislaw Bogdnaowicz and Dororta Grodzka Imigrated to United States May 1896 

Great Great Granfather Stanislaw Bogdanowicz Born May 8th 1852 in Zubrowka Stara.  Parents Tomasz Bogdanowicz and Zofia Malyszek 

Great great great grandparents  Tomasz Bogdanowicz born 1809-1810 (Wigry or Janow) and Zofia Malyszek born 1813-1814 Died in village of Mackowa Ruda 1855

Parents of Tomasz  Possibly  Jan Bogdan and Elzbieta Malinowska (Ciemny Lasek) or Tomasz Bohdanowicz and Katarzyna village of Kumialka