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All surnames Blazak, Uminski, Przychodski, Michalski, Pawlowski, Nyka, Gawrych, Szymanowski, Rozanska, Piatek, Kusz, Bogacki, Kujawa
All places Mamlicz, Bydgoszcz, Sarbinowo, Jablowko
Research notes I came to Newcastle, Australia in November 1949 when I was 3 with my parents from a DP camp near Rendsburg , Schleswieg-Holstien , Germany . I have been searching my Genealogy on my father's side since 2013. After about 3 years I had only got back to my Grandfather . I found a Polish Genealogist , Iwona Dakiniewicz , who went back 6 generations to about 1780. It only took her about 2 days. I then had alot of hits through My Heritage and have reached about 6000 relations . Unfortunately I could not be sure that all these were correct. I then started a smaller tree through my direct descendants on my father's side so that I could more easily check them-this is called George Blazak tree confirmed , the other is G Blazak tree . I have stopped my membership with MH as I have basically what I want. My tree is also with Ancestry but I can add more information to it. I am sttill missinga few things e. g. my grandmother's death date .I use FamilySearch now and my Genealogy club (QFHS) in brisbane is an affiliate club so I can access data . A couple of my Great Uncles went to Buffalo USAabout 1902 and have a list of SOME their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren but do not know where they live.