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Research notes My great grandparents and their first 2 children immigrated to the Unites States in 1913. The ship manifest od S.S. Imperator has the date October 21st. 1913. Ellis Island has it as October 29th.  My great grandfather was born Jan Kozakiewicz 2-3-1884. Lublin, Poland is listed on his WWII draft card as place of birth. The immigration record says Jan Kosak (Kozak) from Szuzki, Russia. since Poland wasn't "Poland" like it is now.  My Great grandmother is Stanislawa Kendzierska, born 1888, and the 2 children listed are Katarn Kozak corn 1906, and Jan Kozak born 1911. I believe who ever wrote out these records spelled it phonetically  as "Kosak" and it was Kozak. I know the name was shortened somewhere along the lines, as my grandfather (born in U.S.A.) was Kozak. I am searching for their place of birth I cannot find anything about Szuzki, Russia and think that must be mispelled also.