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Research notes I am the fourth generation of the surname "Poludniak" living here in The United States of America after my great grandfather "Ignatious Poludniak" and his wife took refuge here in advance of the invasion of Poland in the last Great War.

My grandfather had two known sons; "Henry" and "Raymond P. Poludniak" the latter being my grandfather. I am the eldest child and only son of "John G. Poludniak", whose eldest brother is "Norman" and younger brother is "Steven". My uncles also reside in the USA with their wives, children, and grandchildren.

I now live in the greater Los Angeles area of California and am known by my "Hebrew" or avari name, M'Ashariel Eshi Bar Yahunathan, Nazyr according to B'madavar chapter 6.


I currently have two children myself. I am seeking nore information about my lineage and to connect with any unknown kin.