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Research notes Going back another ten years and bingo we find him at 1 Little Love Court in Whitechapel with his parents Harris and Dinah SAUNDERS and 8 siblings. Morris is a glazier and he was born in Poland, Dinah is from Germany. You have already located this record in your SAUNDERS tree. You will note that the SAUNDERS are sharing the property with another Polish family called MARKS, it is possible they are related, worth bearing in find if you start to look at the wider family.


Here they are in 1861, Harris refers to his place of birth as Russia, parts of Poland were annexed to Russia in the late 18th and early 19th century, this is probably why sometimes he refers to Poland as his place of birth and in others Russia. Dinah is referred to as Fanny here but her age and place of birth are the same as Dianhs so this is probably the same person although it is possible that Fanny is a first wife and Dinah is a second wife. Marriage and death records could be looked for to clarify.

Emanuel would appear to be their eldest child and his place of birth is detailed as Whitechapel. They are living with other families, some of whom are also from Poland, Prussia, Germany etc. Mainly young families, that may have been related, and possibly only recently arrived in England. Emigration records could be looked for here; lists of Alien Arrivals are held at the National Archives (TNA) and Ancestry have some online. Another key record if it exists, are naturalisation papers i.e. application to become a British citizen, you could not vote if you had not naturalised. Denization was a less expensive option which entitled certain rights but did not give full citizenship, these papers are also held at TNA.


In the 1891 return they have switched the places of birth for Harris and Dinah but what is interesting is that Warsaw has been specified in Poland, which will be useful for future research.


Emanuel (Gx3), Elizabeth and their children’s names were all static and traceable this becomes more complex in this next generation down with Harris (Gx4) and Dinah. There was no penalty for not registering a birth before 1874, so many are missing before this date. I was only able to locate one of their children in the GRO, she was registered as ZANDERS and her mother’s maiden name is detailed as KOHN. It would be worth ordering this certificate to confirm this is correct and then you will have