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All surnames Babiasz, Lotoszynski, Wiatr, Hasiuk, Wysocki, Sobarnia
All places Nieznanow, Galacia, Eaton, Wisconsin, Chicago, Illinois, Lwowek, Green Bay, Wisconsin, Tarnow, Matopolskie, Skrzyszow, Austrian Partition, Brown County, Wisconsin
Research notes My grandmother was born in Brown County, Wisconsin.  I believe it was the small town of Eaton, just east of Green Bay. I had many ancestors in that general area, including Green Bay proper.  Her maiden name was Babiasz, "Americanized" to Babiash/Babiarz and frequently misspelled in documents.  She married a Lotoszynski, also frequently misspelled.  The spelling shown is correct according to a letter I have from my great grandfather in Poland dated 1937......L is an L with a stroke through it and there is an accent over the n.  

My grandparents on my mother's side moved to Chicago and my grandfather worked for the American Can Company and the railroad.  He died in 1948 before I was born.  They lived on Thomas Street.  My mother went to St. Stephen's grade school which was a parochial Polish speaking school.  I have some of her textbooks, one of which has an inscription in it with her name, age, and the name of the school.  I have not been able to find anything at all to verify the existence of this school, even though I know she attended.  Her sister attended Lucy Flower school and completed a dressmaking course.  

On my father's side, my grandfather's surname was Wysocki, very common in Chicago.  Despite the abundance of Wysocki's in Chicago, I have little documentation on him.  I've found more on my grandmother, his wife.  She was born in Tarnow, Matopolskie probably Skrzyszow which might be in Galacia.

My father was separated from his siblings as a child and lived in an orphanage run by the Roman Catholic church.  His mother died in 1938.  From there he enlisted in the CCC's and served in the western U.S. including Wyoming.  From the CCC's he enlisted in the Army and served in the South Pacific.  His records were destroyed in a fire, but I do have some documents from back then.  He was reunited with his siblings and father as an adult.  

My research so far has been a shotgun approach, but I'm currently working on timelines and verifying that what I have is valid.  I'm also identifying the basic records I still need for great and great-great generations.  My goals are pretty modest.  I want to trace both parent's sides back to Poland.  Anything beyond will be icing on the cake.  Once I've done that I want to visit Poland for general tourism and to see my ancestors' towns.  

I'm enjoying my research and especially what I've learned about the history of Poland, which I think is a crticial part of doing Polish genealogical research.  I have a lot of field trips planned once the pandemic slows.