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All surnames Panasiewicz, Tarasiewicz, Maj, Kanarek, Drzazga, Wyraz, Stolarski, Krol, Chodur, Sobies, Anulewicz, Nowak, Smolinski, Palak, Matuszewski, Strenk, Stolarczyk, Janulewicz, Strenk, Streng, Strong
All places Lublin Poland, Staszow Poland, Grodno Belarus, Poznan Poland
Research notes All 4 of my mother's grandparents were from Poland (Lublin, Staszow), though I learned through my reseach one was actually originally from Belarus (Grodno).  I have been successful in finding documents about previous generations in Poland for the 3 GGPs from Polad.  But I have not been successful in learning more about the great grandparent from Belarus.

My dad was adopted & I was able to use genetic genealogy to find his genetic (birth family) roots.  It turns out one of his grandparents was also Polish- his parents came to America from Poland (Poznan).  I am still trying to earn more about this side.