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All surnames Liszka, Staszel, Laskowski, Kaczmarek, Graczyk
All places Ciche, Czarny Dunajec, Nowa Bystra, Smogulec, Sadki, Jadwiga
Research notes Looking for info regarding my the following family:  Tekla (Staszel) Liszka who was born in Nowa Bystra around 1865.  Her father was Albert Staszel.  She married Michael Liszka and had 3 known children.  Her 2 daughters died in Poland and her son Jan Liszka is my great-grandfather.  Jan was born in Czarny Dunajec in 1889.  Michael, Tekla and Jan immigrated to Chicago from Ciche, Poland in 1898. Felix Laskowski born 1855 to Stephan Laskowski and Agnes Graczyk.  He was baptized in Smogulec.  Felix married Theophila Kaczmarek in Sadki in 1878.  They lived in Jadwiga, Posen in 1880 before they immigrated to Chicago.  Recently, I contacted one of the members of this site to try and find a connection since two surnames were in common.  She has provided valuable information to me and we are still trying to find the connection of our families.