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All surnames Swory, Bembenek, Tokarski, Pasko, Szyunar
All places Poland, Austria Bohemia, Galicia, Ukraine, Slovakia, Hungary
Research notes I am looking for any information on my family that immigrated  to the U.S. from the Galicia region (Poland, Ukraine, Austria, Bohemia, Hungary, Slovakia) between 1800 and 1911. The following are the names I have of my Great, Great Grandparents who immigrated:



Harry Swory 2 Feb 1889 (Unclear as to when he immigrated to Canada but entered through Halifax. Swory may be a misspelling of his Polish last name as I can rarely find it anywhere and doesn't come up as a Surname on any searches) Harry Swory married Anellia Bembenek.

Jon (Jan) Swory Born abt: 1850 in Poland. (Unclear if he immigrated with Harry Swory or not) 



Eva Tokarski was married to Jon (Jan) Swory (no further informtion on her other than she was from Poland. She was Harry Swory's mother.



Anellia Bembenek - Born 26 April 1895 Bzeszow, Poland .

John or Jon (Jan) Bembenek - Born 1829 Gora Kalwaria, Mazowieckie, Poland was Anellia Bembenek's father.

Thomas Bembenek (first name may have been spelled differently in Polish) No date of birth, was John Bembenek's father.



Catherine Szyunar was married to John or Jon (Jan) Bembenek. I have no information on her other than she may have been born in Poland around 1829.



Sophia or (Zsofia) Pasko was Anellia Bembenek's mother. I have no information on her but believe she was from Poland. She was married to Thomas Bembenek.