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All surnames Kadulski, Kaladulski, Treit, Kadulska, Janas
All places Krakow, Cracow, Dubno, Stryj
Research notes I have been continuing family genealogical research for over 20 years.

I live in Poland - in Krakow, close to the Vistula river.

My ancestors (from my father - the Kadulski family) came to Krakow in 1875 from Żarówka - the Catholic parish of Zdziarzec.

The second part of the ancestors whose culture influenced our family came from eastern Poland, which is now the territory of Ukraine (Dubno, Stryj).

I have been searching, analyzing and recreating for many years. Sometimes I also "glue" what has broken in the past.


I can also help - e.g. take a picture of a place in Krakow or a grave.

P.S. As you can see, I don't speak English, but we have translators and you can always understand each other :)