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All surnames Lukryc, Budzinska, Bundzinski
All places Okalewo, Chrapon, Skrwilno
Research notes Looking to build my mother's known family to discover her unknown family. Through my genealogical research I discovered my mother was born out of wedlock. She was given to her biological mother's older sister as she was married at the time my great-grandfather died. Prior to her aunt's marriage, Mom lived with her biological mother at her grandparents home. Their home was lost during the great depression. My grandmother, really my great aunt, told me that her parents had a mortage on the house and they could have paid it off if the banks would allow early payoffs. When the run on the banks happened, they lost the money they had in the bank. After the death of my great grandfather, my great grandmother moved into an apartment above a shop. One of her son's lived in the front apartment and she lived in the back apartment. Not sure if my Mom or my grandmother told me that fact. 

I have found my great-grandfather's birth/baptism record on Geneteka and had it translated for me on familysearch.org. He lived in Okalewo. I have pieced together his siblings from records found on family search. My great grandmother - I am still trying to confirm her record is also from Skrwilno Parish. According to the US Censuses, her children's birth records, and her marriage record she was born in Chrapoń in 1875. I found a record on Geneteka that matches, but no parents are listed and the record is not scanned. 

I would like to discover why they left Poland, whether they knew each other prior to coming to America as they appeared to belong to the same parish, or they met in America. I would also like to know what life was like in these towns in the 1880s and 90s.