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All surnames Szadulski, Skrabw
All places Bolshia, Kniazikovcy, Viliaki
Research notes Longing for information about my Great Grandfathers and Great Grandmothers lives before their arrival in America.


All info I have acquired is from my GGrandfathers declaration of intention paperwork and a passenger log for him. Passenger log states he is Russian and from Russia (what my father always believed) But all his declaration of intention paperwork that I found lists Poland as last residence before America and that he is Polish. Russian Poland?-so maybe this makes sense.


My great grandfather arrived under the name of Andrej Szadulski on the SS Ausonia (formerly Tortana) His name in America was Andrew Sadulsky. He arrived at Ellis Island from the La Havre, France port about1913 with Father listed as Teodor. My father said he was told he left to avoid conscription into the Russian army. He arrived here at the age of 19. And though my Dad thinks he secretly escaped, maybe under a false name, at that age, maybe that might not have been necessary.


But then, after months of searching, I am loss for anything more. My research techniques are newly acquired and definitely amateur. 


My great grandmother, who married my GGrandfather in America, is even more of a mystery.


She died in 1944 before my own father was born, and no information seems to be available about her.According to my GGrandfathers declaration of intention paperwork, she was from Viliaki, Poland. And arrived in New York August 27, 1912. But I can find no info because of the mystery of her last name.


Our family seems unsure about her last name. Supposedly Veroniqus Skrabw as listed on my Grandfathers obituary. But no one knows where this came from. (or first name Veronica or Veronika?) Other family tree researchers have listed her last name as Skvabutan or Zaibatan or Scrubbutan or Scroboton??? But showing no proof. Ugh!


She's listed on Census paperwork in America as not being able to read or write, and supposedly only spoke Polish.


I have tried every combinations of names and anything I can think of. But I am sure the Polish and Russian language/ translation is not helping me. And since I can't verify towns or places listed for them, I am lost :(   I would be more grateful than I can describe for even a little hint of their lives before America. But completely understand that some brick wall are not coming down.