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All surnames Szaflarski, Chlebek, Lendecki, Jaronczyk, Bobel, Tarlanka
All places Czarny Dunajec
Research notes My wife is the daughter of Louis Szaflarski and Katherine Stienhauer.  He is the son of Joseph Szaflarski, born in 1873 in CD.  Joseph's father (?? Szaflarski) died there in 1870's.  His mother Rosalie Szaflarski (parents Bartlomy Chlebek & Anna Tarlanka) married Joseph Jaronczyk and they all emmigrated to Sobieski, Wi in 1893.

Agnieszka Chlebek (Parents Aleksander Chlebek & Anna Lendecki) and niece of Joesph Jaronczyk emmigrated to Sobieski, Wi in 1899 and married Joseph Szaflarski.

They had 2 daughters and 5 sons including Louis and eventually settled in Chicago in early 1900's.

Looking for family connections in Czarny Dunajec.