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All surnames Odcecki, Odecki, Zak
All places Ryczow, Lezniewicze
Research notes My grandfather's name was Jozef Odcecki (which he later anglicized to Joseph Odecki); he was born in 1925 in Lezniewicze, Poland (now Belarus). In 1939 his father was arrested and sent to a labour camp… I found a record saying he was released in 1941 but I have no idea what ended up happening to him; whether he died during the war, or survived and resettled somewhere, and if my grandfather ever heard from him again. In 1940 my grandfather and his mother and 2 siblings were deported to the Pavlodar region in Kazakhstan. I don't know exactly where they were sent but I would like to find out. In 1942, my grandfather enlisted in the Polish 2nd Corps, 3 DSK and fought in the battle of Monte Cassino. He went to a resettlement camp in England, before emigrating to Ontario, Canada. His mother and siblings ended up settling in Koszalin, Poland.

Paternal Grandfather: Szymon/ Shimon/ Siemion Odcecki, forestry inspector

Paternal Grandmother: Vera/ Weronicka Cisck/ Cisek

Maternal Grandfather: Anton Osipovich Ryzejno, b. 1874

Maternal Grandmother: Anna Wiscias

Father: Jozef Odcecki, forester, b. 1897

Mother: Anna Ryzejno/ Ryzhejno/ Ryzejew, 1896 – Jan 9 1987

Sister: Marija/ Maria Odcecka, Nov 2 1922 - 2012

Sister: Ziuta/ Zyuta (Jozefa) Odcecka, b. 1924

Brother: Michal, 1929 – Mar 6 1988

My grandmother's name was Natalia Zak, she was born in 1933, in Ryczow Poland. In 1939 she and her family were deported to a camp in Siberia. She was 6 and had to care for her 2 younger siblings while her parents and older brothers worked. I have no idea what camp they were sent to, and would like to find out. They were eventually evacuated Tehran and then to Lusaka in Rhodesia (now Zambia). After a few years they went to a resettlement camp in England, before emigrating to Ontario, Canada.

Father: Andrzej/ Andrew Zak, farmer, b. Nov 15 1891

Mother: Anastazja/ Anastasia Dolezy, b. April 15 1904, in Lgefa, Olkusz

Brother: Mieczyslaw, Dec 11 1926 – Feb 1 2007

Brother: Bronislaw, May 29 1929 – June 1 2012

Brother: Stefan, b. May 28 1935

Sister: Wladyslawa, b. Aug 28 1937

Sister: Helena, b. 1944 in Africa

Brother: Jerzy, b. Sept 1947 in Africa

Brother: Edek, born in Canada