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All surnames Lukaszczyk, Ambis
All places Warsaw
Research notes Hello

I am trying to research my family genealogy.


What I know so far is:


My Grandfather is Benedict Lukaszczyk, His parents are Francisek (Frank) Lukaszczyk (1890-1968) and Anna Nawrocka (1889-1980). Francisek Immigrated from poland to Canada around 1910.

Francisek parents are Micheal Lukaszczyk and Mary Czarnska - unkown where they are from.

My Grandmother who married Benedict Lukaszczyk is Irene Ambis

Irene Ambis Parents are Jozef (Joseph) Ambis (1886-1955) and Sylvia/ Sophia/ Antinette Dombroski (1887-1953) They where possible married nad had two kids in Warsaw - Jozefa (Josephine) Ambis and Sylvia Ambis. (1909-2004)

Jozef Immigrated to Canada first, then Sylvia and their children years later.