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All surnames Szurlej, Pitera, Korab, Smykla, Debiak, Puzio, Przygoda, Mazur, Najwer, Telesz, Naster, Stachowicz, Wieszczek, Adamczyk, Kubasiak
All places Podkarpackie, Lutcza
Research notes I use Ancestry.com, FamilySearch.org, EllisIsland.org, geneteka.genealodzy.pl and www.reclaimtherecords.org for genealogy research The last site has filed freedom of information requests with States in the U.S. and threaten lawsuits against States to obtain birth, marriage and death records. Most of these are only the index records but they do offer some certificates. If you live in another State other than the one you need records from, finding some of the information you need in an index record will allow you to request that the State look for the certificate based on that index data. Ditto for people over seas looking for their ancestors who came to America.