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All surnames Rosiek, Abramski
All places Lakta Gorna, Rozan, Zawady-poniekiew
Research notes I've been researching my family history for the past few years, and I'm interested in finding more information about my Polish ancestors. My great-grandfather, Wojciech Rosiek, was born and raised in Lakta Gorna in 1885 and came over to the United States in 1905. My great-grandmother, Julia Abramska, was born and raised either in Zawady-Poniekiew or Rozan (I've heard my grandmother name both places) and came over to the United States in 1909. I've been able to trace the Rosieks back a bit farther in Lakta Gorna, thanks to baptism records in FamilySearch, but I'm also interested in finding out more about his siblings and tracing them and their descendants forward in time. While I know who my great-grandmother's parents and siblings are, I don't know any farther back than her parents, and I'd also like to know a bit more about her siblings and their descendants going forward.