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All surnames Piwowarczyk, Czurakowska
All places Szymki, Jalowka, Wolkowysk, Bialstok, Liehosiele, Swistocz, Bialystok
Research notes My name is edward piwowarczyk looking for any information on my father's family history.my father was born on the 14 january 1907 liehosiele parish of swistocz in the district of wolkowysk and the county of bialystok prior to 1939 he lived in settelment szymki in the parish of jalowka and t6he district of wolkowysk county of bialystok dont know if he had any brother's or sister's but his father my grandfather was called konrad piwowarczyk and my father's mother my grandmother was called maria nee czurakowska could anyone help my  or point me in the right direction on how i can fined out about my family passt.

ps i have a family tree on my heritage .com if any one wants to look