Personal Page: Sabina

All surnames
Bogdanowicz, Bogdanorius, Lipowski, Lipowska
All places
Warsaw, Lukowi, Galacia
Research notes
My great grandfather Charles and great grandmother Viola show up in the 1900 USA federal census.  Their last name is spelled Bogdanorius with Bogdanowicz in parenthesis.  They came to America in about 1889.  My grandfather, Julius was 14 in the 1900 census.  On furthur census documents the name is spelled Bogdanowicz, which is the spelling I know.  I was told my great grandfather came from Goritzia (unsure of spelling) which I believe is not Galacia.  I believe it was under Austrian rule as he states he is Austrian Polish in the 1910 census.   I am trying to find out exactly where they came from and who their parents were.  My great grandmothers name may have been Kaminsky.  I was told she had two brothers who worked in the mines in Ohio.   My other grandparents are Zofia and Stanislav Lipowski.  I don't know when my grandfather Lipowski came here as he does not show coming through Ellis Island.  His wife and 12 year old son Stephan do.  He left Poland before they did and I was told he went to South America, possibly Brazil to work and later he came to the USA intending to send for his wife and child but they were caught up in WWI before he could afford to do so.  My grandmother and uncle finally came here in 1921.  On my grandfathers naturalization card he says he was born in Warsaw, Poland.  On the Ellis Island site it says my grandmother and uncle's last place of residence was Lukowi.  I can't find this place in Poland.  I have a copy of my uncle's birth certificate.  I can't read Polish but I believe it says under Gmina, Zalisie and underr Powiat, it looks like (the handwriting is terrible so I can't be sure) Starosko    Creshsuowskic.