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All surnames Leja, Przywara, Karkut, Karkul
All places Koniowka, Kolbuszowa Dolna, Kolbuszowa Dolna, Kolbuszowa
Research notes My Grandfather Andrej Leja born in 1879 I believe was born in Koniowka near Nowy Targ. In 1908 at age 29 he travelled to Pennsylvania to work on the railroads. I've found records of his passing through Ellis Island. In 1914 he decided to return to what really wasn't Poland at the time but the Austrian province of Galicia. His timing was bad and he was drafted into the war to fight for the Austrians against the Russians. He survived the war but his older brother? did not and left a widow and a daughter named Agnieska who may have been born in 1911 (a guess) and died in the late 60's. Well Andrej married Agnieska's mother Marie Mietus and they produced 3 children Anny (1919) Wladyslaw (my father 1921) and Stalislawa (1924?). All 3 kids were born in Konoiwka but I'm not 100% sure about my father's step sister but his birth certificate shows Koniowka and Andrej and Maria as parents. It turned out that Maria died in the late 20's (not sure of date) of TB. Andrzej left for Canada in 1926 to work on the railway and left his children in the care of a relative or neighbor who did not treat them well. My father had to steal food to keep the family alive. When a neighbor wrote to Andrzej warning him about his kids' mistreatmant, he sent money to have his kids (3) sent to Canada in 1935 and lived in Montreal. Angnieska has stayed in Poland and was living all her life in the same valley. My aunt Anny had sent care packages to Agnieska in the 60's and early 70's but we have lost contact with her and her children.

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