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All surnames Bogut, Borkowski, Borowski, Dorochowicz, Ejdyngier, Filiusz, Galazin, Galazyn, Hejorz, Jakubowski, Karaszewski, Kulik, Mackiewicz, Makowski, Michalczyk, Naruszewicz, Niedzwiecki, Olowniuk, Pacewicz, Przemielewski, Siejwa, Szejwa, Szeszko, Szwarc, Toczko, Waskiewicz, Waszkiewicz, Wierzchowski, Zaborowski
All places Bakalarzewo Parish, Filipow Parish, Jeleniewo Parish, Przerosl Parish, Suwalki Parish, Wizajny Parish, Punsk Parish
Research notes I've been researching my Polish roots since 1978. My data goes back to the 18th century in Poland.  My grandparents came to the US before WWI.  They met and married in the US.  They lived less than 5 miles apart in the powiat of Suwalski, but did meet until moving to Dickson City, Pennsylvania.  They lived in Lackawanna and Luzerne Counties.  My grandmother also lived in Delaware and died in California.

Most of my Polish branches go back to my 3rd, 4th & 5th great grandparents.  My research is very extensive.  Because of my relatives settling in the coal mining region of Pennsylvania, many of their neighbors were from the Suwalki area also.  Some of my relatives' children and grandchildren married people from the same area in Suwalki, even the same parish in some instances.  Cousins went to school with cousins, and did not realize they were cousins until they received a copy of our family tree.  Because of all the connections, I have researched the in-laws of my aunts, uncles and cousins.  :)

Since I am most familiar with the Suwalki area, if anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact me for help.  My email address is [email protected].

Tina Ellis