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All surnames Klose, Lindner
All places Neukirch, Nowy Kosciol
Research notes I grew up being told that my maternal grandmother had German ancestry. It seems that the "German" origins can be traced to what is currently Poland.

I know very little about my great, great grandfather Carl Gottlieb Heinrich KLOSE.

I have clues from his shipping record for the Johann Caesar, upon which he and his wife Johanne Rosine LINDNER emigrated in 1854 to South Australia.

Carl apparently stated his birth year as 1830, his occupation as shoemaker, and his town of origin as Neukirch, Silesia, Prussia.

I believe that Carl and Johanne took their young son Carl Gustav Klose from their home in Prussia. There are sketchy notes in my late aunt's notebooks about the reason for their emigration being religious persecution.

Johanne Rosina bore another son in December 1854, just before the family embarked from ship in Australia on 1 January 1855.

The newborn baby boy was Carl Gottlieb Heinrich Klose - my great, great grandfather.

Johanne Rosina bore 4 sons in total, and sadly died when all of her boys were in their young childhood.

I would dearly love to trace these ancestors back to their villages. And perhaps proceed further back in the tree.

Nice to have found this specialist site!


Lynne Coleman