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Konarzewski, Urbanska, Konaszewski, Galecki
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Bolechow, Bolechowska, Boranowska
Research notes
My maiden name is Konarzewski.  My great grandparents came to the USA in 1905.  It is hard to read their hometowns on immigration papers, but it resembles Bolechow as it is written Bosolewo on my g-grandfather's April 1905 papers, Bolszovska on my g-grandmothers July 1905 papers and Bolezewo on a friend's, Maciej Klimczak's papers in 1906.  My g-grandfather's sister was married to a John Galecki.  Her papers state that her place of birth was Bresso and her children Boranowska.  Boranowska was also her last place of residence.  My cousin has told me that the marriage between my g-grandparents was an arranged marriage.  They did not have a lot of money so I don't know if arranged marriages were common outside of the wealthy. 

I have been desperate to break into the Polish/Russian history of this family.  I have no family members alive to help with this.  I tried the PolishGenealogy Forum but it appears to have dissappeared off the internet.

If anyone is willing to help me out, I would be most grateful.

Thank you.....Kari Peterson - Oregon USA