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All surnames Szymanski, Krugiolka, Kregiolka, Kregulka, Krosnolicka
All places Bolechowo, Dluga Goslina, Wojnowo, Owinska Poznan, Inowoclaw, Port Pieranie, Gora, Oborniki
Research notes Our family came to the US in 1883 on the ship from Hamburg to New York named Rhaetia.  They moved to northern Michigan relatively quickly.  Our name had different spellings including Krugiolka, Kregulka and Szymanska also changed too.  It became later Kreger and has stayed ever since although some lines of the family kept the Kregulka name.  I'm hoping to find out more about our family history. I've researched our name pretty thoroughly on the American side and now am ready to look into Poland.  The Krugiolka/Krugielka family as we know it came from Bolechowo.  Johann and Jakob Krugielka were brothers and came to America at the same time.  Frank Krugielka may also be a brother but we are not sure.  Shortly before coming, Johann and Jakob married two sisters Wyncente and Wladyslava Szymanska who came from the Inowoclaw area and smaller places called Piernie and Gora we think as we find references to family who wrote letters from these places.