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All surnames Podczerwinski, Domon, Bobek, Slowik, Kopiec, Krzyszton, Krozel, Mazur, Solecki
All places Straszydle, Podczerone, Zakopane, Nowy Targ, Wroblowka, Czarny Dunajec
Research notes My maternal grandfather Josef Podczerwiński was born in Wroblowka on January 19, 1893,  and came to the US around 1909. He married my grandmother Ursula Domoń from Straszydle, in June of 1912 in Chicago at St. John Cantius Church. His parent's were Jan (John) Podczerwinski born in Podczerwone in 1869 and Rosalia (nee Króżel)  Podczerwinski born in Wróblówka.  Josef was the oldest, and he had three younger siblings: Wojciech, Anna and Ludwik Podczerwinski. There was a 15 or 16 year age difference between my grandfather Josef, and his youngest brother Ludwik also born in Wroblowka in 1908. Ludwik came to live in Chicago with his wife Elizabeth (nee Mazur), but both returned to Poland later in life, where they died. My grandfather's brother Wojciech stayed in Poland (Wroblowka) and married Anna (nee Mazur--Elizabeth's sister) and had two children Stanislaw and Zofia nee Podczerwinski Krozel. Since I began this journey of locating my Polish relatives in 2011, I have found families of my 2nd cousins and are in communication with them. Still, few have much information going back more than 2 generations.   Through marriage, the Podczerwinski's are also linked with these family surnames, from the turn-of-the-century : Krozel, Bobek, Kwak, Leja, Gruska, Komperda, Solarczyk, Tylka. I have DNA cousins related to all of these surnames.  I do not have any definitive documentation of the birth/marriage/death of my great grandfather Jan (John) Podczerwinski who I believe was born in Podczerwone in 1869, and probably died in Wróblówka, or of my great-grandmother Rosalia Krozel whose parents were Mathias Krozel and Anna nee Kwak.   It is my understanding that she (Rosalia nee Krozel) had a prior marriage that did not produce children because her first husband died. (may have been Andreas Bobek)  Since I first wrote all of the above, I have located my maternal grandmother's family (my 2nd cousins) in SE Poland and we are in close touch. I have also located one of my grandfather's nieces and nephew (one in the US and one in Wroblowka). Still, the actual documentation pre-1900 Poland is hard to come by. Luckily, I had my grandmother Ursula's baptismal certificate, and some old letters, which is what led me (along with a lot of luck) to her family. This is all an exciting genealogical journey for me, and each new piece of documentation and new surnames are special! I still hope to visit Poland within the next few years. If any of these names click with your family tree and you have pre 1900's documents, please contact me! I am still looking for documentation on of my maternal great great grandmothers: Zofia Krzyszton who married either Mathew or Szymon Słowik, from the Rszesow/Straszydle area.I would love to learn Zofia's maiden (nee) name. My grandmother's mother was Marianna Slowik, and she married my great grandfather Michal Domon sometime in the early 1870's. She died in the early 1900's and Michal remarried.  On this SE Polish side of my fa