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All surnames Momot
All places Indiana County, Pa, Union City, Erie County, Pa, Borki, Poland
Research notes I am an adoptee and have been researching my birthmother's family. Her father, Stanley Momot, was born about 1876, immigrated from the Krakow area of Poland to the US at the turn of the 20th c. There is no record of him in the 1910 census, but he is in Stonington, Illinois, in 1920 and in Youngstown, Ohio, in 1930. His WWI draft registration card (1918) has him working as a miner for Peabody Coal Co. in Illinois. His WWII draft registration card (1942) has him working as a laborer on a farm in Union City, PA, owned by John Pituch. It is noted on this card that he lost the tips of some fingers.

My birthmother (now deceased) said that he spoke German at home as her mother (Austrian by birth) did not speak English. I lost track of Stanley after 1942 when I assumed he had passed away. I am waiting for more information to come from the Social Security Administration.

I was just in Salt Lake City, UT, at the LDS Family Search Library and found that Stanley Momot died 25 Oct 1955 and is buried in Union City, PA! Very exciting to have confirmation of that fact. His obituary stated that he was survived by his wife, Anna, and two daughters (Mrs. Helen Caruso--my birthmother, divorced from Caruso in 1949 and married to Backues in 1956; had a daughter Betty in 1937 by Caruso and me, by Backues, adopted out, in 1951; & Mrs. Annabel Sloan--my aunt, who subsequently remarried to Fowler; she had no children). There was no mention of a son. I know from the 1920 & 1930 Censuses that there was a son born in 1918, John W.
While in Salt Lake City I tried to find records of Borki and Bochnia, two towns mentioned by my birthmother. I found some church records, in Latin!, but was not able to find the name Momot.
I have since found Stanley in the 1910 Census (under Stanley Marnot), living in Pittsburgh, PA, working as a butcher. There was a married couple sharing his apartment, Michael and Annie Povrich. Also, I was able to get baptism records of my birthmother and my aunt in Indiana Co, PA. Stanley's immigration record shows Borki his home of origin, with his nationality as Russian. Later documents say Russian/Poland.