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All surnames Foerster, Roehrigt, Roehricht
All places Nowy Koscol Neukirch, Swierzawa Schonau
Research notes My father always said his grandmother was German, and he was very proud of having a German Heritage. I knew no more. 

From her marriage certificate I found her parents were Nicolaus Gunther & Helena Foster.

From Helena Foster's death certificate (dying in childbirht at only 33) I found that she was born in Prussia & year of arrival in Australia wa s1848.

Shipping records had found two possibilities - both in 1848 a male named C.Forster with wife & children. But which one?

The Forster/Gunther marriage certificate showed the place as "Macclesfield" in South Australia, and the length of time both parties had been in Australia.

I also searched for any other marriages for "Foerster," in all spelling varients, in the area & came up with a total of five females who all married other German immigrants between 1851 & 1858.  In fact two of the sisters had a double wedding on the same day in 1855.  The name Charles or Carl Forster appeared as a witness.  The final marriage had the full name of the father as 'Carl Ehrenfried Forster'.

So now I knew they came on the "Alfred" -FORESTER, Charles E.(7 in family) - Clothmaker. They were part of a group of 141 Roman Catholic Jesuits under
Rev Pastors Kranewitter and Klinkowstrom. 

I look forward to more discoverie.