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All surnames Lizak, Lezak, Drapala, Tuleja, Jedrzejczyk, Raczka, Blachuta, Blachula, Olejarz, Ronczka
All places Pruchnik
Research notes Joannes Lizak (or Lezak), his wife Marianna Drapała, and two children emigrated out of Pruchnik, Poland and arrived in Manitoba, Canada in 1903.  They had more children, but in 1921, they moved back to Poland (likely Pruchnik), but decided to move back to Manitoba in 1926 for good.  Hard copies of Polish baptism and marriage testimonials include Joannes and Marianna's parents and in some cases, grandparents, including the surnames listed.  One surname is difficult to decifer, it is possibly Suningum.  Documents are from Pruchnik.