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All surnames Slapinski, Korzeniowski, Raulinajtys, Boguski, Lodanski, Milewski, Wabnitz, Cwalina, Chojnowski, Splettstoeser, Luzarowski
All places Drezdenko, Driesen, Wysoka, Lomza, Turze, Jozefowo, Suponin, Kolaki, Krakow, Warsaw, Lasin, Glinki, Rapin, Poryte
Research notes Hello, my name is Henry Slapinski from Australia.  My parents came to this country in 1949 and settled in the city of Albury.  I am trying to trace my family connections, in Poland and Germany, so that I can record the details for our family records.

My father Piotr, was born in the village of Jozefowo which is in the Province of Lomza and my mother, Christa was born in the German town of Driesen which is now the Polish town of Drezdenko, Lubusz Voivodeship.

As I am new to this family research I would greatly appreciate any assistance from other members of this site.

Unfortunately I am unable to correspond in the Polish language - I only know English.

Thank you and I look forward to making contact with you.

Henry (from Australia).